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over 30 years of experience

Bivens and Company, LLC provides feed ingredient purchasing, merchandising, and consulting services to dairymen. As a member of our group, clients are able to generate cost savings.

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  • Bivens & Company, LLC has been managing my ingredient purchases for over 4 years now. There is no doubt that Pat Bivens’ expertise and understanding of dairy commodities has saved me far more money than I pay for his excellent service. And the bonus is that I never have to worry about whether my feed will arrive or whether I got a good deal. Pat works for my dairy – he strives to put more profit to our bottom line. His ability to also collaborate competently with my nutritionist provides additional value for the dairy. There is no doubt that his services are a wise investment. It’s about the trust and I trust Pat Bivens and his team.

    2,000 Cow Dairy Hilmar, CA

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