Bivens and Company, LLC provides feed ingredient purchasing, merchandising, and consulting services to dairymen. As a member of our group, clients are able to generate cost savings and create value in the following ways:

what we offer

Bivens and Company, LLC provides professional consulting services for all facets of commodity purchasing, inventory management and delivery.

what we do

We generate savings by reducing commodity cost while assisting clients and their nutritionist to optimize the best possible rations.

how we do it

As a member of our group, clients are working with a team that has over 37 years of experience in the industry. We leverage volume and strategic based opportunities in many markets.

feed ingredient purchasing

We provide professional feed ingredient purchasing on behalf of your individual dairy.

information exchange

Get updated ingredient information compiled from many sources.

risk management

We help clients understand opportunities that reduce cost exposure in the market as it relates to their rations.

logistics & inventory

We manage delivery logistics and inventory to provide peace of mind to our clients.

nutritionist collaboration

We actively provide accurate information exchange with your independent nutritionist.

ongoing savings

Take advantage of ongoing savings through use of better valued ingredients.

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